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Massage cushion

  • Fitness Equipment Rubber Medicine Ball With Two Handles For Handball

    Contact NowFitness Equipment Rubber Medicine Ball With Two Handles For HandballFitness equipment Rubber Medicine Ballwith two handles for handball Dual-handle, easy-grip medicine balls provide plenty of medicine ball training options. They are the perfect choice for performing rotational abdominal exercises, upper extremity cross-body patterns, lower body dynamic and...Read More

  • Cork Yoga Ring

    Contact NowCork Yoga RingDescription: Yoga wheel can stretch, massage and adjust the spine. It can help yoga practitioners to open the chest parts, and also to develop the flexibility of the shoulder. Through the yoga wheel in the back bend on the body, the practitioners have more feelings and discoveries, and practice...Read More

  • High Quality Absorbs Water Yoga Towel

    Contact NowHigh Quality Absorbs Water Yoga Towelhigh quality absorbs water yoga towel -Multi-color of blanket and eco-friendly material -Light weight and dry quickly -Super soft with super suction force and non-slip surface of towel Product benefits: 1) Quickly drying, good hand feeling and lightweight 2) Much more durable than cotton cloth...Read More

  • High Quality/customized Color Pilate Ring

    Contact NowHigh Quality/customized Color Pilate RingPilates Ring specializes on abdominal and leg exercises focusing on balance, flexibility, strength, and posture, resulting in increased stamina, energy and mobility. It is innovated with a non-slip handles, foam padded grips and is easy to be stored. Pilates Ring is excellent in maintaining proper alignment, strengthening and toning of muscle.Read More

  • Slam Ball

    Contact NowSlam Ball

    Item name: Slam ball

    Item No. U2145B

    Material: PVC and Sand 

    Color: Black

    MOQ: 200pcs/weight

    Packaging Details: 1pc per polybag , 

    Read More

  • Yoga Bag

    Contact NowYoga Bag

    Item name: Yoga bag

    Item No. U2287A

    Material: Cotton 

    Color: Customized

    MOQ: 500pcs/size

    Packaging Details: 1pc per polybag , 

    Read More

  • Buckwheat Pillow

    Contact NowBuckwheat Pillow

    Item name: Buckwheat pillow

    Item No. U2290A

    Material: Cotton and buckwheat

    Color: customized

    MOQ: 1000pcs

    Packaging Details: 1pair per carton or 1 pair per color box,Read More

  • Five-toe Yoga Sock

    Contact NowFive-toe Yoga SockDescription: Yoga socks are designed according to the needs of yoga practitioners socks. Its role is to protect yoga practitioners, reduce the training process in the probability of slipping, but also can effectively maintain personal hygiene. Product benefits: 1) Absorbent, quick-drying,...Read More

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