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  • PVC Jump Rope

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    PVC Jump Rope

    Description : Skipping is one of the best weight loss gymnastics, there are tests show that jump 10 minutes, 140 times per minute jump exercise effect is equivalent to half a jogging. Skipping not only can help you lose weight, but also can make the body muscle symmetry powerful, and will make...Read More

  • “O”type Soft Expander

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    “O”type Soft Expander

    Description : The stretching that you engage in during every practice helps lengthen and stretch muscles, which helps reduce the risk of injuries. It helps to improve your balance. Products specification I tem name: “O” Type soft expander Item No. U1361 Material: TPR Color: customized MOQ:...Read More

  • Toning Tube

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    Toning Tube

    Description: Toning tube can be used to fix the limbs, but also the use of other objects fixed on the venue for exercise. Toning tube can exercise almost all parts of the body, to achieve the coordination of all parts of the body muscles. Products specification Item name: Toning tube Item No....Read More

  • Push Up Bars

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    Push Up Bars

    Push-up bar is a sporting tool for push-ups. By increasing the difficulty of action, to deepen the stimulation of the chest muscles, to achieve a multiplier effect of exercise.Read More

  • Thigh Master

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    Thigh Master

    Item name: Thigh master

    Item No. U1862

    Material:  Steel and Foam

    Color: customized

    MOQ: 1000pcs

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  • Swing Bar

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    Swing Bar

    Description: The vibration moves through the entire body to vibrate, so that deep muscle contraction and relaxation. Product benefits: • Ideally strengthen your core to help adjust your arms and legs. • High swing vibration function glass steel bar. • Beast vibration frequency makes optimal cure...Read More

  • Gymnastic Ring

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    Gymnastic Ring

    Description: It can effectively exercise the body's deep muscles, exercise balance the body. To achieve the effect of equipment training. Product benefits : 1. effectively exercise on their own muscles 2. Can also fully exercise their own strength products specification I tem name: Gymnastic...Read More

  • Twister Push Up Bar

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    Twister Push Up Bar

    Description: The push up bar is a professional upper body sports equipment. It can provide further scientific design and correct posture to improve exercise efficiency. Product benefits : 1. Comfortable grip strength, non-slip and sweat 2. Easy to assemble, do not take up space, you can exercise...Read More

  • TPE Resistance Band

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    TPE Resistance Band

    Description: TPE resistance band is a training equipment for human skills. Product benefits : 1.Resistance band with a good resilience, and yoga training in the action with ease, to achieve better plastic purpose. 2.Effectively stretch and exercise the whole body muscles products specification...Read More

  • Chest Expander

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    Chest Expander

    Description: Chest expander is a fit for the public exercise equipment. The advantage of using a rally exercise is that the biceps is a muscle with two muscles and its main function is the arm Product benefits: 1. Effectively beautify the muscle lines and contours, increase muscle...Read More

  • New style and High quality plastic Push-up bar

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    New style and High quality plastic Push-up bar

    Push-up bar is a professional upper body exercise equipment. It can provide a further scientific design and correct posture to improve exercise efficiency.Read More

  • High Quality Body Building Plastic Wobble Balance Board

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    High Quality Body Building Plastic Wobble Balance Board

    High quality Body Building Plastic Wobble Balance Board increase in body homeostasis to improve the integration of the force of muscle and nerves. Significantly increase the body's control,at the same time can be a good modified leg hip line products specification.Read More

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